Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Miss Callie Creamer

Since my last post in May, our lives have changed! We welcomed little Miss Callie into our family a few weeks ago. It has been a big change, but we are loving it. I had a great pregnancy and never really had reason to complain. I did pass a possible kidney stone at 20 weeks and then had painful hydronephrosis for about a week but otherwise no big complications. I never threw up or got really sick other than nausea for the first trimester with the worst of it being on our cruise! I loved being pregnant and feeling her move. I didn't get really uncomfortable until about 37 weeks and was luckily able to get called off most of my 12 hour shifts. I saw my OB on Friday November 15 and was disappointed that I was barely dilated to a 2 and 90% effaced just like the week before. No progress! My blood pressure was high, however. It had been running 140's/90's but I was not preeclamptic.  Guy told me, "Lets try to have a baby within the next week".  I wasn't sure how to accomplish this on my own. I was convinced I was going to go a week over my due date. I worked a 8 hour shift that Sunday becuase I was tired of sitting home and I wanted to induce my labor! It was an easy 8 hour shift but I slept 12 hours that night and all day Monday too. My body must have known to rest up! I woke up around midnight on Tuesday November 19 with a feeling of a small "gush" of fluid. I laid there for a second and another small gush came and then I was wide awake! I got out of bed and right as I got to the toilet, a much bigger gush a fluid came. I sat there in shock. It was happening! I had a big smile on my face and then the nerves set in. A few minutes later, Jeremy came in to the bathroom not knowing that I was up already. I said, "I'm 99.9 % sure my water just broke." He said "Really?" Yep! Pretty sure I can't control this leakage! He laid back down in bed while I took a quick bath and finished packing the bags. He had been working like crazy trying to get things done before she came and had only gotten about two hours of sleep. We didn't rush too quickly until I started having mild contractions. We got to the ER entrance around 2 AM and they took us straight up to Labor & Delivery. They had me change into a gown and then checked to see if it really was my water that broke - they didn't believe me. But I was right and we were staying! They checked me and I was still dilated to a 2+ like I had been for a couple weeks. They told me they would check me again in an hour and if I hadn't progressed they would start Pitocin. They moved us from triage to a room and then we called our parents. Around 3:50 AM they checked me and I was still a 2+ so they started the Pitocin. Around 5:30 I was dilated to a 4 and really feeling the pain. I got the epidural at that point and was then feeling more comfortable. I progressed quickly I felt like. Around 7 AM I was dilated to a 6 and then around 9 AM I was an 8. By 10 AM I was completely dilated and effaced and my OB was there. I was really feeling every contraction in my back. I wasn't able to talk through them but they were bearable and I knew they wouldn't last forever. My OB, Guy Cox, told me to bear down with each contraction to help move the baby's head down. I did that for what seemed like forever but by 10:45 we started pushing. First practice pushes that progressed into real pushing. When Guy tested to see if I could feel where the episiotomy would be and I could feel everything, we had to wait for the anesthesiologist to come a re-dose my epidural and then I was finally more comfortable. I could still feel the pressure of contractions but not so much pain. Jeremy counted to 10 with each push and I could tell there was something happening because I could hear the excitement in his voice as I pushed. My mom was there too right at my side and I couldn't have done it without both of them! I remember someone saying, "Next push and we're going to have a baby." At 11:26 AM on November 19 our baby girl was born! 6 pounds, 2 ounces and 19 inches long and perfect. It was an experience I will never forget and feel so blessed to have gone through!

 We love her so much!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


 We are still here and doing great! We got an iPad for Christmas and we learned that it is much faster than our dinosaur of a laptop but I'm unable to blog with it at the moment so that is why I haven't posted for awhile! It just takes too dang long on this laptop. We haven't been up to a whole lot except we went on a beautiful Southern Caribbean cruise at the first of April. We went with our friends Blake and Tracie again and it was so fun!  We didn't do a whole lot of excursions on this cruise - mostly just relaxing on the beach and getting sunburned!

However, our biggest news as of late is..

Yep!! Jeremy and I are having a baby! We are diving into the life of parenthood in November. We are so excited! I took these pregnancy tests on the morning of Saturday, March 16 and was shocked as the line began forming a positive sign. I went to the store and bought the digital kind just to be sure and sure enough, it said "PREGNANT"! Jeremy had just left a couple hours before to go four-wheeling with his cousins and I couldn't stand it and sent him a text that said CALL ME. It felt like forever until he did and I asked him if he was sitting down. He had just climbed to the top of the mountain and was waiting for the rest of the group. Perfect timing! I told him I took a pregnancy test...and....it was..um positive! He was so excited! He said he had an amazing view from where he was sitting and the whole rest of the day was pretty great. When he got home he came in and gave me the biggest hug with this HUGE smile on his face. I loved it! 

We went to the doctor on April 18 and got our first picture of our little peanut. The doctor said everything looks good so far and we hope it continues to be!  

We told our families on April 27 & 28. We told our parents we brought them something from our trip. Neither of our mom's were expecting what they found! The video we took is priceless. Our families are excited for us and we are glad we have them to help us through it all!

Have you been sick? This is the question I hear most often. I have been really lucky. I mostly just feel nauseous about 75% of the time with the worst of it at nighttime. I have not thrown up which I sometimes think I would feel better if I did. The heartburn only adds to the nausea and I'm finding which foods exacerbate the nausea the worst, but that seems to be improving. I am exhausted. I seriously feel like an old person and after I work a 13 hour shift, I go right to bed when I get home. Jeremy has been so kind and patient, especially because I rarely make dinner at night because I don't feel well. And for all the times he's made trips to Maverick for Sprite! 

I feel very blessed to be pregnant! We have been blessed that it only took us a few months and I feel blessed that I haven't been very sick! I am currently almost 12 weeks along and am due around November 26th. I can't wait to be a mom and I know Jeremy is going to be the most incredible dad and I can't wait to hold this baby in our arms!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Challenge accepted

I'm a little ashamed to admit this, but I totally did this last weekend for a 6 page paper on being a "nurse advocate"  ....
Remember this!

And I totally got 100%!

Friday, November 2, 2012


We have had a fun couple of weeks!  We are loving making this little girl laugh and she loves to "goo" back at us!
For the past couple of years, the girls in the family have spent a weekend in Park City.  This year was no different and so fun!  We ate at the Baja Cantina as usual.....

 Last week, I left Plain City at 4:30 AM and it was lightly raining. By the time I got to 21st street on the freeway, BLIZZARD! I thought maybe it would let up as I got closer to the hospital, but it only got much worse! As I was sitting at this red light, I decided to take a picture so my hubby would believe me. That morning, I was ever grateful for the 4-wheel drive in our Jeep!
 Tuesday we carved pumpkins at my parents. Jeremy & I shared (as usual because I get tired of pumpkin carving quickly).

Little Hannah was so exhausted in this picture. I love the look on her face! She is sick of picture taking and just wants to go to SLEEP! 

 Halloween we went to Jeremy's parents and had chili and hung out for a bit. We went to my parents to see Hannah and Garrett dressed up and had more chili! And breadsticks and cinnamon rolls. 

Isn't this to most adorable Minnie Mouse you've ever seen?

 Grandma and Grandpa talking to Hannah...

On another note, I found Nutcracker Snickers today at Walmart. Christmas will be here before we know it.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Recent happenings

 Life is just flying right on by!  I can't believe how fast the last two months have gone by.  Laci's husband Dave ran the Huntsville Half marathon and my cousin Traci ran the full marathon.  We went and watched them both run in and it was so fun!  I love the atmosphere and these types of events!  They both finished in great time.  Here we are waiting at the finish line...

 That night, Jeremy & I decided to go check out Scheels.  It was fun to walk around and browse at everything..we didn't make any purchases though!  A little too pricey for us but we had a fun night together!  It has a ferris wheel inside. Crazy!
 Little Hannah bean was blessed a few weeks ago.  Isn't she such a DOLL!  I love her so much.
 Somehow the women got roped into going elk hunting a few weeks ago.  Even Garrett went hiking!

These adorable little guys turned one on October 10th!  It's so crazy that it's been a year! 
 Uncle Jeremy did the birthday shopping for these little dudes..
A fourwheeler just like the Prairie!  Uncle Jeremy looks more excited than the kids!
 They were such good boys to share and push each other!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

One year older & wiser too!

 My hubby had a birthday last Sunday.  He turned 27!  We had a three day celebration for his birthday.  On Friday we went to dinner at Red Robin and shopping at Sportsman's Warehouse for Camo. BORING!  Camo is what he wanted, so that's what we got.  He'd been showing me for months the ones he wanted, but did you know there's about 20 different types of camo?  I decided to just let him pick it out himself!

On Saturday, his family put together a birthday party for his grandpa at the park, so we went to that and had dinner there and then the two of us went to Boondocks after.  It was so fun!!  I had never been there before and it was so fun to just relax and have fun! 

It was pretty entertaining to spin the wheel on the mini golf course and do all of these crazy things.  And we for sure kept score and I won!!  ;)  But I told Jeremy he won because it is his birthday.

 After mini-golf, we drove the go-carts and it was a blast! Jeremy thought it was bumper cars though.  Then we played a mean game of air hockey and skee-ball in the arcade. 

Sunday (his actual birthday), we went to church.  We came home and I let him open presents since he had been bugging me about it ALL week!  I made him dinner - roast, potatoes, carrots, rolls and stuffing.  That's his favorite meal.  He especially loves stuffing.  I have to gag it down, but at least it was easy to make!  After dinner, all of our families came over for cake and ice cream.  

I only got a picture of this little gal.....

After everyone left and I was cleaning up, I came in the front room to see him like this.....

Happy Birthday!!